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The Westside Sketch Co. Take Over Your TV

Time to binge-watch what you got saved on your DVRs and Netflix Lists 'cuz the Westside Sketch Co. are taking over what programs you consume! News, commercials, sitcoms, dramas, DIY programs, reality, game shows and telenovelas will never be the same once they get their hands on them. Maybe they'll even reboot Wet Kenneth, but this time he'll be dry.

Eyes glued to the tube, Clockwork Orange-style:


Max Crandall
Alonya Eisenberg
Andrew Heder
Alisha Ketry
Carrie Long
Sam Mark
Jennifer Murray
Greg Santos
Atul Singh
Patrick Tamisiea

Directed by Cole Stratton

Wednesday, March 27th, 8pm
The Westside Comedy Theater
1323a 3rd St. Promenade
Santa Monica, CA